The World Outside: The 'RS' Series


Join us on our adventures into nature and together discover the secrets of the world outside!

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Wild cover

Wild Birds in Wild Places


Come experience the world of wild birds and have a fun look at southern Ontario birds, big and small, silly and wondrous.

Homes cover

Homes, Hiding Places and Hungry Animals


Join us on, our adventure in the woods and marsh as we enjoy finding out about homes, hiding places and hungry mammals, insects and birds.

Fall cover

The Many Colours of Fall


Come explore the variety and blends of colours we see on our fall walk. A poetic, adventure full of alliteration.

Winter cover

Wondering About Winter


Learn about alliteration and poetry (AABB rhythm) as you explore questions about nature in winter.

Sing cover

Sing a Tune of Springtime


Come on a rhyming spring adventure with us as we celebrate spring. Discover the different ways that nature wakes up!

Summer cover

Summer Directions


Summer is a season of breezes, plants growing up towards the sun and animals doing all sorts of things. Let's see if we can figure out in which direction things are happening.