Grade Seven

Language Arts

Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Integrated Reading, Literature, Spelling, Phonics and Handwriting Program)


English Smart 7 Workbook - 16.95

Usborne Books at Home Reading Program

Young Reading Series Three

William Shakespeare - 7.95

Napoleon - 7.95

Marie Antoinette - 7.95

Nelson - 7.95

Captain Cook - 7.95

Florence Nightingale - 7.95

Adolf Hitler - 7.95

The Holocaust - 7.95

Anne Frank - 7.95

Winston Churchill - 7.95

Martin Luther King - 7.95

The Vietnam War - 7.95

The Story of Slavery - 7.95

The Titanic - 7.95

Classics Retold

Tom Sawyer - 6.95

Huckleberry Finn - 6.95

Moby Dick - 6.95

Tales of the Trojan War - 6.95

True Stories



Jump Math for Grade 7

Jump Workbook 7.1 - 11.00

Jump Workbook 7.2 - 11.00

Teacher’s Guide 7 (optional but recommend by company) - 90.00


Teaching Textbooks


Life of Fred Math


MathSmart 7 Workbook - 16.95



Great Science Adventures  (Common Sense Press)

Developed by Dinah Zike, M.Ed and Susan Simpson (created of Learning Language Arts Through Literature)

Great Science Adventures is a hands-on science program that includes activities for ages throughout the elementary years. The benefit to this is that it  can be used with children of different ages and you can being with any book/program you wish. Because there are activities for primary, junior and intermediate students, it is not grade specific. This is an interactive and very cost-effective program!

Each book/program contains 24 lessons so if you are working at the program regularly, you can likely complete two or more books and spend any extra time expanding on the information with other resources or activities.

Choose from:

Great Earth Science Studies

Discovering Earth’s Landforms and Surface Features - 25.95

Discovery the Ocean - 25.95

Discovering the World of Space - 25.95

Great Life Science Studies

Discovering the Human Body and Senses - 25.95

The World of Insects and Arachnids - 25.95

The World of Plants - 25.95

The World of Vertebrates - 25.95

Great Physical Science Studies

Discovering Atoms, Molecules and Matter - 25.95

The World of Light and Sound - 25.95

The World of Tools and Technology - 25.95




Usborne Science Encyclopedia