Grade 3

Language Arts

Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Integrated Reading, Literature, Spelling, Phonics and Handwriting Program) $99.95


EnglishSmart 3 $16.95

ClicknKids (Spelling, Phonics and Reading Computer Program) - also suggested in other Primary Grades

Explode the Code

Handwriting Without Tears - Grade 3

Cursive Writing Student Workbook $9.95

Cursive Writing Teacher’s Guide $9.95


Usborne Reading Program - this level of reading includes many folktales and fairytales as well as a couple of stories about origin and inventions)

Young Reading Level One

The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailer $7.95

Puss in Boots $7.95

Rapunzel $7.95

Rumpelstiltskin $7.95

Sleeping Beauty $7.95

Emperor’s New Clothers $7.95

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs $7.95

The Elves and the Shoemaker $7.95

The Frog Prince $7.95

The Twelve Dancing Princesses $7.95

Jack and the Beanstalk $7.95

Aladdin and His Magical Lamp $7.95

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves $7.95

The Billy Goats Gruff $7.95

Stories of Dinosaurs $7.95

The Story of Chocolate $7.95

Toilets, Telephones and Other Useful Inventions $7.95

Christmas Around the World $7.95

Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor $7.95

Stories of Unicorns $7.95

Stories of Ponies $7.95

Young Reading Series Two is a combination of classic stories, fairytales and non-fiction which offer a fantastic combination of science, geography and history.

Young Reading Two

Robin Hood $7.95

Black Beauty $7.95

Wind in the Willows $7.95

Pinocchio $7.95

The Swan Princess $7.95

The Secret Garden $7.95

The Prince and the Pauper $7.95

Alice in Wonderland $7.95

The Wizard of OZ $7.95

Beauty and the Beast $7.95

The Railway Children $7.95

Heidi $7.95

The Story of Ships $7.95

The Story of Trains $7.95

The Story of Cars $7.95

The Story of Flying $7.95

The Stinking Story of Rubbish $7.95

The Shocking Story of Electricity $7.95

Around the World in Eighty Days $7.95

Gulliver’s Travels $7.95



JumpMath for Grade 3

Jump Workbook 3.1 $11.00

Jump Workbook 3.2 $11.00

Teacher’s Guide 3 (optional) $99.00


Teaching Textbooks


Life of Fred Math

Edgewood Book $18.00

E Book $18.00

G Book $18.00

H Book $18.00



MathSmart 3 $16.95

Math Resources and Materials




Great Science Adventures  (Common Sense Press)

Developed by Dinah Zike, M.Ed and Susan Simpson (creator of Learning Language Arts Through Literature)

Great Science Adventures is a hands-on science program that includes activities for ages throughout the elementary years. The benefit to this is that it can be used with children of different ages and you can begin with any book/program you wish. Because there are activities for primary, junior and intermediate students it is not grade specific. This is an interactive and very cost-effective program!

Each book/program contains 24 lessons so if you are working at the program regularly you can likely complete two or more books in a year. Alternatively, you can use just one or two books and spends any extra time expanding on the information with other resources or activities.

Choose from:

Great Earth Science Studies

Discovering Earth’s Landforms and Surface Features $25.95

Discovering the Ocean $25.95

Discovering the World of Space $25.95

Great Life Science Studies

Discovering the Human Body and Senses $25.95

The World of Insects and Arachnids $25.95

The World of Plants $25.95

The World of Vertebrates $25.95



The Young Explorer’s Series is Apologia’s K-6 Creation based science curriculum and combines “conversationally-written instruction, hands-on activities and interactive notebooking with an inquisitiveness into God’s Creation to turn you young learner into a young explorer.”