Play, Read, Experiment, Create, Discover … Enjoy!

Everyday observation shows us that young children learn through play and stories and many studies have come to the same conclusion.

As children grow older, they can continue to learn through play, creating and stories. A learning environment rich in opportunities to read and be read to, experiment, create, discover and enjoy balanced with some concrete opportunities to solidify and present skills is a great recipe for learning and appreciating life.

You will find a combination of well-structured workbooks and/or independent ideas to work with whether you are looking for some enrichment for your child or grandchild, having fun learning and playing together at home or home educating on a full-time basis.

You may be interested in a specific homeschooling package or there may be sections or particular items that interest you. The grade levels are guidelines only. Children are all different and you may be interested in a Senior Kindergarten package with a Grade One language workbook, etc. You may also just be looking for an individual item.

Have a look at the items available to order as well as the list of resources and ideas that can often be found free online or at your library…