Family Pastimes




Family Pastimes is a game company founded and operated by Jim Deacove and his family near Perth, Ontario since 1972. The games are co-operative in nature, meaning that players play as a team to meet the challenges, rather than against each other.

Whether players are exploring space, climbing a mountain, building homes, making their way through a snowstorm or helping the farm dog stay clear of skunks and porcupines they are working together. They also offer opportunities to develop and improve skills in areas such as math, language, memory, observation, teamwork, socialization and imagination.

The games offer exciting and realistic challenges in variety of settings.

Family Pastimes games are a worthwhile addition to your home, school, daycare or organization.

Family Pastimes materials and manufacturing methods are environmentally friendly. They use recycled boards and papers, soy-based inks, water based glues, safe paint on wooden parts, recycled corrugate packaging ... even the shrink film can be recycled by a customer instead of being thrown away. They make the games right there in their small shop in a rural area. By hand, in small quantities. 

There are many games available ... something for everyone from age 3 to adult.